5 Rules of Thumb That AdWords Experts Should Live By

In the world of PPC and online marketing in general, certain strategies can yield a very different result from business to business. Although there is no set strategy that is going to work for everyone, there are rules & formulas you can apply to pretty much any online business to see a strong conversion rate for your website. This is particularly important for AdWords experts due to the fact that every website visit costs money, so which online marketing ‘rules of thumb’ should we follow to ensure we’re getting the highest return possible out of our AdWords budget?

Below are 5 online rules that all AdWords experts should live by in order to see success in their campaigns:

1) Make decisions based on data, not gut-feelings. While your ‘gut feeling’ may sometimes lead you to make the right decision, you should always make sure that this feeling is backed up with hard data whenever possible. If what your data is telling you conflicts with your gut feeling, then go with the data. As long as your sample data is of significant volume then this is the absolute best insight you have into what is going to work for your campaign moving forward.

2) Never be satisfied with your current conversion rate. I don’t care if you’re generating a 5%, 10% or even 20% conversion rate for one of your AdWords campaigns – there’s always room for improvement. Even if you think you’ve made every AdWords campaign change that could possibly impact conversion rates (which I seriously doubt you have), there will be countless landing page changes you can make to see what impact they have on your conversion rate. The phrase of the day is “test and learn”.

3) Constantly test your ad creative. There have been countless occasions where I’ve logged into an AdWords account for the first time only to find that the client is running only 1 advert per adgroup at a time, with no split testing having been undertaken. In a world where CTR (‘Click Through Rate’) is so important for numerous reasons (Increasing quality score, maximising traffic volume etc.), you should be testing at least 2-3 different adverts for each keyword to see which message your audience responds to best. If you’re only running 1 advert, you’re setting yourself back and missing out on an easy way to improve your campaign performance.

4) Stay focused with landing page content – address customer concerns ASAP. It doesn’t matter if you have the best AdWords campaign set-up in the world – if your landing page doesn’t address the key questions your audience have in the first 5 seconds of them arriving on the page, you’re going to lose a significant amount of visitors that could very well have resulted in a conversion for your campaign. Potential customers will generally have questions such as “What does this website offer?”, “Why should I trust purchasing off this site?”, “What selling points incentivise me to buy here rather than on another site?”, etc. etc.

5) Don’t spend money for the sake of generating traffic. Getting traffic to your website is great, but does traffic alone generate revenue for your business? Probably not. Instead of measuring traffic volume and deciding whether your campaign is worth it’s spend, focus your attention on conversion volume, conversion rates and CPA. If you want to seek additional traffic volume in the hope that it leads to greater conversions, my recommendation would be to create a separate campaign with a tightly controlled budget to do this. That way your existing campaigns that are focused on conversions will not be negatively impacted by your new test campaign.

By following these 5 rules of thumb, you’ll be doing best to ensure that your campaign conversion rates are strong and on the right track to see an incline in the future.

Post by Jeremy Decker

Posted on April 24, 2013 by under Google AdWords



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