15 minutes a day social media marketing for small business

Posted in: Facebook & Social Media, Guest Posts by Phillip Wendell on the 06/06/2013

The following post is a guest post from Carlo Pandian an Italian expat and social media enthusiast. He writes tutorials on invoicing software by Intuit and has previously published for several Australian business sites from Dynamic Business to First5000! Being the owner of an SME means being busy. With the nuts and bolts of a business to run, it can often be incredibly hard to manage your time effectively. Marketing and promotion are possibly the most important aspects of your business; if no one knows you exist, then no one’s going to come knocking on your door. But many SME owners believe that developing...

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5 Insightful Online Marketing Articles

Posted in: Facebook & Social Media, SEO, Websites by Jeremy Decker on the 17/07/2012

The Click Click Media team are avid blog readers, so for this post I thought I'd grab a recent favourite article from each of our staff that they considered insightful, interesting and really impressed them. So here they are below, Click Click Media's list of 5 favourite online marketing articles (in no particular order) for 2012. 12 Tips When Using Facebook Promoted Posts (by Andrea Vahl at Social Media Examiner) Due to the huge impact social media has had in the online marketing world in the last couple of years, the introduction of Facebook's 'Promoted Posts' feature has made quite a splash all over...

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Facebook Rolls out Promoted Posts for Facebook Pages

Posted in: Facebook & Social Media by Jeremy Decker on the 01/06/2012

Right in the heat of a backlash about Facebook’s disappointing IPO, Facebook is working to build its advertising potential. If you have more than 400 likes on Your Facebook Page, you now have another platform through Facebook to market your business. Enter 'Promoted Posts'. Facebook has been 'Testing' this feature for a short period of time now, with most thinking it would not see the light of day. Well, it has. Facebook quietly rolled this out yesterday with a confirmation on their marketing page. Here is a video released from Facebook on Promoted Posts - https://www.facebook.com/help/promote So what is "Promoted Posts?" Basically, when...

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Facebook Offers – How it works and how to use

Posted in: Facebook & Social Media by Jeremy Decker on the 19/04/2012

Some Highlights At a glance this looks extremely simple to use. You simply post your offer like you would a regular status update. The offer will then appear directly on your fans timeline. You can check the amount of people who have taken up your offer located below the offers headline. You can also choose to target any of your offers audience by country and language which gives you control over who see’s and uses it. The images are 90 by 90 pixels, the headline will allow 90 characters and the T’s & C’s text will allow 900. You will also need to...

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Facebook Timeline Now Mandatory, What you need to do for your business page

Posted in: Facebook & Social Media by Phillip Wendell on the 30/03/2012

As you all have no doubt heard somewhere on the grapevine, Facebook is rolling out its ‘Timeline’ update. That means that all Facebook profiles and business pages will be converted to the new ‘Timeline’ layout - this takes full effect on 30/03/2012. So, what does this mean for your business page, and will this effect what you currently have in place? A lot of noise has been made about this update simply because it is mandatory for all profiles and pages to have the timeline – There is no escaping it! The reason a lot of people are unhappy about it...

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Why Your Company Should Have a Blog?

Posted in: Facebook & Social Media, SEO by Phillip Wendell on the 12/03/2012

Many business owners think that there’s no point in having a blog. They may decide that it isn’t *required* in their industry or that there is too much effort in maintaining it and posting. Other business owners see blogging as a means only to help their SEO efforts, or to bulk out the content on their website. So what are some benefits of having a company blog? 1. It helps establish you as an authority on a subject If you are in business, chances are you are good at something. Writing and sharing your knowledge of your services, products and industry can turn your...

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When Social Media goes horribly wrong yet yields results

Posted in: Facebook & Social Media by Jeremy Decker on the 07/09/2011

I have been following some Social Media “Catastrophes” over the previous few weeks and there is one story that has really caught my eye for a number of reasons. Let me explain: Two years ago, Fluid Hair, a hair salon in Canada did a Social Media Photography shoot to promote their salon and in the last few weeks, this shoot has blown out of control on the Social Media front. [caption id="attachment_868" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Fluid Hair's Photo Shoot - "Look Good In all You do"[/caption] What you see above is one of the photos (six in total) from the shoot which was labelled ‘Look...

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Online Marketing – A New Value Proposition

In comparison to the more mature markets like the USA and UK, to date, Australian businesses  have been relatively slow off the mark in developing their online presence. Australia's online retail sales of $12 Billion in 2010 with expected growth of 10 to 15% in 2011, will represent about 5.5% of total retail sales. (The UK is around 9% and the US around 7%) Most Australian consumers, even if they are not buying online are searching online prior to buying either goods or services. Smart Australian companies have realised the upside in developing their online technology and offering customers multiple channels to...

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Create a Facebook Landing page from your WordPress Theme.

Posted in: Facebook & Social Media by Phillip Wendell on the 10/07/2011

Important: The below information is out of date, Facebook has changed a lot with the addition of timeline and a change to the process of implementing apps to your fanpage. Please treat the information below as historical! In house we use a specially designed Joomla template we have developed to use for our facebook fan pages but I was wondering if you could create one straight from your current wordpress theme (as we have decided to create our new website in wordpress). This could enable you to keep the same look and feel of your wordpress site and keep the same...

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