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5 Insightful Online Marketing Articles

The Click Click Media team are avid blog readers, so for this post I thought I’d grab a recent favourite article from each of our staff that they considered insightful, interesting and really impressed them. So here they are below, Click Click Media’s list of 5 favourite online marketing articles (in no particular order) for 2012.

12 Tips When Using Facebook Promoted Posts (by Andrea Vahl at Social Media Examiner)

Due to the huge impact social media has had in the online marketing world in the last couple of years, the introduction of Facebook’s ‘Promoted Posts’ feature has made quite a splash all over the web. This article runs through 12 tips that you should definitely know if you’re in the online marketing industry, or even plan to use the feature for personal reasons.

The article by Social Media examiner gives detailed instructions on what kind of posts can use the promoted posts feature, how to access reporting, and even the benefits in using the tool. Check out the full article here – http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/facebook-promoted-posts/

Why Google+ is an Inevitable Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy (by Brian Clark at Copy Blogger)

Google+ really is the next big thing in the social media world, and let’s face it; the fact that it’s a Google product means it’s probably see be around for awhile and more than likely see some strong growth.

This article goes into why you need to start implementing Google+ into your content marketing strategy, and how it can benefit your business. If you’re serious about your content marketing, make sure you check out the full article here – https://www.copyblogger.com/google-plus-content-marketers/

The Importance of Determining SERP Competition (by Eric Covino at SEO Book)

With recent Google updates like Panda & Penguin, which make it a lot harder to effectively “trick” the search engines into ranking your site highly, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your SEO strategy is as strategic, structured, and planned out as possible.

The article by Eric Covino, found here http://www.seobook.com/importance-determining-serp-competition explains in detail the importance of analysing SERP competition for your selected keywords. The amount of competition for a particular keyword can mean the different between success and failure when it comes to SEO, so for any website owners out there this article is pure gold. Take a look for yourself!

3 Common Landing Page Flops to Avoid (by Mona Elesseily at Search Engine Land)

Despite the fact that most, if not all business owners and online marketing professionals invest so much time and money into delivering high quality traffic to their website, there are still a huge amount of people out there simply ignoring their website and/or landing pages. The truth is, this is the area you should be investing most of your time into improving. When you see success with a landing page change, this success is shared amongst all of your other online marketing channels so it has huge potential in improving your overall performance.

The article found here by Mona Elesseily – https://searchengineland.com/3-common-landing-page-flops-to-avoid-124663 outlines 3 common parts of a landing page that a lot of people out there are getting wrong. If you’re spending time and/or money getting traffic to your website, or even just want an improvement in your conversion rates, then you need to check this article out.

An In-depth Analysis of Authorship, Google+ and Snippets (by Sujan Patel at SEOmoz)

This is a great article that looks at the importance of how your authorship pages are set up within website blogs, and how it can help boost your SEO efforts significantly – if done correctly. Due to the fact that SEO is only getting increasingly competitive, with search engine algorithms getting ever more complex, information like this is vital in ensuring that your website is doing everything it can to milk the search engines for every bit of traffic it can get.

Check out the article here https://www.seomoz.org/blog/read-but-learn-by-doing-an-approach-to-the-analysis-of-seo-issues-between-authorship-google-plus-and-snippets

Have you come across any other insightful online marketing articles so far this year? Feel free to share in the comments section!


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