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AdWords Search Remarketing – The Segment Report You May Not Know About

The release of AdWords’ display remarketing feature made a pretty eventful entrance to the online marketing world. It gave AdWords advertisers the ability to install a piece of code onto their web pages, and then run campaigns to target ad banners to any users that have previously been to specific pages on their site. If you’ve ever wondered why the same ad display ad seems to follow you around the internet no matter where you go, the answer is probably display remarketing.

The benefits of a remarketing campaign should be clear to any marketing specialist – the fact that you’re throwing your brand name in front of the same people on a regular basis means that it’s going to be very hard to keep your name out of their memory. It also gives advertisers the ability to re-engage with website visitors, and in theory this type of traffic should be highly qualified given that they’ve already shown interest in your website.

This week, Google have given search marketers some very good news. Remarketing has now been rolled out into the search network. Instead of previously only being able to re-serve adverts on the display networks, you can now use your remarketing lists to re-serve ads on the search network as well. This means you’ll be able to see more from the benefits listed in the paragraph listed above, but it also presents a, new very powerful possibility when it comes to bid management.

So how will ‘Search Remarketing’ help me further improve my bidding practises?

With your existing remarketing lists, you’ll now be able to enable remarketing across all campaigns to set custom bids for your different traffic types – to ensure that you aren’t interfering with your current keyword targeting settings, make sure you set your remarketing lists to ‘bid only’. Screenshot below:

AdWords Search Remarketing Screenshot

Once you’ve enabled your lists across your search AdGroup, you’ll then be presented with the following page within your ‘Audiences’ tab:

AdWords Search Remarketing Screeshot 2

And here’s where it gets really interesting! After a while you should start seeing performance data come through for each of your search AdGroups, based on whether the users are completely new visitors, or whether they fall into one of your remarketing lists.  If you have a remarketing list set up to track users who have already made an enquiry/purchase on your website, you’ll probably find that conversion rates and CTRs for this traffic is lower than other sources. In this case, now that you’ve got this audiences set up in your search AdGroups as “bid only” you’ll be able to tell AdWords exactly how much you want to pay for this returning per click – probably a much lower amount than your new user traffic.

In addition to the above strategy, you could also set up a duplicate of your high performing campaigns, but have a remarketing list audience set-up as “target and bid” with ad text along the lines of “Missed our 50% Off Sale? Come Back and Check it Out!” etc.

As you can see, Search Remarketing adds a whole new set of possibilities when it comes to segmenting your traffic and improving the focus of your campaign. So make the most of it and start adding remarketing audiences to your search AdGroups!

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