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How can advertisers benefit from the Google AdWords API

Over 12 months ago Click Click Media opened its AdWords API services department and what a year it has been. The scope of the programs and functions that can be created is almost unlimited and the creative ways it has been used by clients to provide a competitive edge is outstanding.

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What is the AdWords API?

API is an acronym for application programming interface, put simply, is a basic set of instructions that dictate how software programs should interact with each other. In relation to Google AdWords this is data and settings, be it account and campaign settings, data and use of its tools and queries.

The link is created by a an authorisation token and an API key that is provided by Google once you can meet the minimum requirements and get an approval for the scope of the application you are creating.

There can be additional charges when working with the Google API however the good news is these charges are mostly for processed queries at Googles end and if you’re just pulling data and crunching the numbers locally, then it is thankfully all free!

How can the AdWords API be used?

Apart from the fact that you can perform every AdWords function via your own program there are of course times where an AdWords API application makes sense.

Some examples for advertisers are:

  • Generating automatic reporting, or dashboards
  • Bringing AdWords data into your CRM to be a part of overall company reports
  • Likewise with accounting systems
  • Managing the automatic creation, pause and unpause of adgroups to reflect eccomerce stock levels
  • Adding keywords when new products are loaded
  • Large scale bid intelligence and management
  • Creating intelligence alerts to manage reactive tasks
  • With the new upload conversion data feature you can upload revenue even if the sale is not eccomerce and after greater periods of time

Some examples for agencies are:

  • Automate client reporting tasks
  • Attribute individual performance to client managers
  • Reactively watch client goals
  • Automate accounting features, such as budget reconciliations
  • Tracking metrics google may not provide historical data for – EG quality score


How to get started using the AdWords API

The first step to working out how you could be using the AdWords API is to starting thinking about a scope of works. While almost all developments start with a just a simple problem that needs solving, consider what other ways you could implement it. Consider creating two scopes, one for minimum functionality you need achieved to solve an immediate problem and the other a best case scenario. With these in hand approach your software developer, or of course – Contact Us!

Our demo AdWords API program

As an example of what can be achieved with the AdWords API we have created a simple audit tool which you may have seen on the front page of our website, this small app shows how quickly AdWords API data can be queried, calculated and intelligence programs can be run. Be sure to check it out, make sure you are logged into your AdWords account, or switch accounts after following this link:  https://dash.clickclickmedia.com.au/audit/authorise.php

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