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Introducing our FREE AdWords Auditor

Please note: our Audit tool had undergone significant changes in April 2014. Please see the homepage to run the latest version

As an AdWords Management company we see many thousands of bad campaigns a year. 99% of people who approach us have fundamental flaws in their account that take little time to fix up, re-structure and turn into successful campaigns. The sheer quantity of wasted AdWords spend is phenomenal. Our company’s goal has always been to do something about it.

It isn’t fair to the start-up, sole trader or first time business owner to try and compete against highly refined, very targeted, extremely optimised direct response campaigns. They simply cannot get the ROI they need for success investing badly and hoping their business survives this trial by fire stage.

So we have put our time into developing a tool to help the average AdWords marketeer think just like the pros!

The AdWords Instant Audit Tool

We have created an app that provides an expert account audit in under a minute! This tool will help anyone, from just starting, to seasoned veterans to improve their Google AdWords campaign. It provides an accurate audit on two different metrics, the structure of an account and the performance of an account. It will even attempt to predict the future!

Try it now – all it takes is to click the below button to get your report.

generate report

Or learn more about our tool by reading the walk-through below:

1. Privacy and Security

One of the first things we considered when developing this tool was the absolute privacy for its users. We understand the need to protect client and user data. Our tool utilises a Google authentication that ensures only you can see this report, we can’t even see your basic data!

So once you have clicked the button to start the report, double check that you are logged into the Google account connected to your AdWords and then authorise our app.


This whole process is possible using the Google Oauth2 system. The query on your account is only possible if you are logged in as the client, otherwise Google will not allow it. The query processes the report in real-time to display the result. Once it is run, it is sent to a PDF to view or download. When this process is completed the system de-authorises itself from your account. This can be verified here https://accounts.google.com/IssuedAuthSubTokens.

While we know you are always careful in protecting your data you can be assured that we have taken every possible measure to ensure that this is safe.

2. Entering Report Details and Choosing Accounts

One thing we were very aware of when developing this tool was the possibility of people running it to show their boss, peers or clients. The details entered here appear at the very top of our report.

If you have multiple accounts and run MCC there is an additional interface to select which account you would like to run the report on. This can be instantly found by typing in the first few letters of the account into the search field, otherwise just browse through the pages available.

Unfortunately we have disabled the ability to run all your accounts at once, but contact us if you need this feature unlocked.

3. Waiting

Generally most reports take about 20 seconds to process, there are some pretty serious calculations going on so feel free to open another tab and checkout your Facebook.

If you have an account with a couple of hundred thousand keywords please understand that time could be up to a minute.


Our server is more than capable of running thousands of simultaneous reports, the biggest wait time is the response from Google.

4. Understanding your Report

Your report opens or downloads as a PDF. This is to ensure it is as ‘print friendly’ as possible. Make sure you save it somewhere you can find it again, or if you have closed the file, open your browsers ‘recently downloaded’ section to find it again.

The report is a 90 day trip back in days, not calendar months, so it is an accurate representation of your account at the time it is run. We recommend if you are a seasonal business to run it often to keep tabs on how you are going. The date at the top right of the report helps you keep up with when it was run for later reference.

The report is divided into the following sections.

A. Header and Report Details

The header of the report shows at the left the details of the person who ran the report. On the right shows the AdWords client ID along with the date.

header of adwords instant auditor - example image only

B. Your Score

The reason for the two different metrics is to diagnose two possible problems with your account. Performance Score gives you a percentage on how well your campaign has been going over the last 90 days and the Structure Score is a more static number based on the quality of your account setup.

Use these as either an absolute indication of your campaign’s performance or run the report over a period to get relative improvements / declines.

score section of adwords instant auditor - example image only

Green is doing well while Orange means you need some work and if it is red Red we suggest you have a good look at your campaigns.

C. Account Overview

Here you will find stats about your AdWords campaign. Ever wanted to know exactly what you average Quality Score was, or amount of Keywords, or how many Ads? Well here it is…

overview section of adwords instant auditor - example image only

D. Top Level Performance (90 days)

This section shows you important metrics divided 30, 60 and 90 days in the past. Keep an eye on this to monitor bad and good trends within your account. The arrows on the right hand side will help you understand what the trend is and the colour will show if we think that might be good, or bad.

top level section of adwords auditor - example image only

E. Performance Score

So, how do you think you’re doing? These points are factors which contribute partly to your ‘Performance Score’ number at the top of the report. These are points evaluated on the metric trends of the account. Red = bad, Orange = look out, Green = awesome work! Remember to factor in seasons and market trends before you go firing marketing staff.

performance score section of adwords instant auditor - example only

F. Structure Score

Ok, while performance score may be a variable metric, structure score isn’t. This will compare how well your account is structured to what we consider best practice. Conforming to these points will ensure your campaign is structured in the best possible way to succeed! Again, Red = bad, Orange = not so bad, Green = great!

structure score section of adwords auditor - example only

G. Account Potential

The crystal ball – this section predicts what your account will look like in 90 days time. It also provides insight into how your campaign will perform if you tweak it to our recommendations. If you’re wondering, this is based on an algorithm devised utilising our AdWord’s teams past experience, not on collected data or anything sinister, just maths.

account potential section of adwords auditor - example only

H. Disclaimer and Feedback

This section credits the guys and gals that created the report and offers contact information if you want to provide any feedback. Your feedback will ensure that this tool will be improved and if you have any feature suggestions please send them through and we’ll try to stuff them into the next update!

credits section adwords instant auditor - example only

5. How to use this tool to improve your Google AdWords Campaign

If you haven’t yet run your Google AdWords campaign through our auditor.

Run The Report!

Using our tool you can differentiate between what you can do to instantly improve your Google AdWords campaign, and what metrics you should monitor.

For example if your structure score shows you are only running one campaign, move your top performing keywords to their own campaign with its own budget. If your performance score shows a decrease in Click Through Rate, it might be time to write some new Ads. This report can be run as often as you like, so perform your optimisations and run it again!

A full guide will be provided within the resources section of the site soon.

Your Feedback

This is an early release of this tool, there are many more features coming up! We have tested this report with over 1,000 accounts but we would also love to know what you would like it to do, or if you have found any bugs! We have a huge swag of features coming up, especially in display.

If you found this report useful or have any suggestions please give us a shout-out @ccmadwords.


So many features were held back from this initial release and we are doing our best to continue to introduce them. Let us know your experiences by emailing audit@clickclickmedia.com.au

Click Click Media’s AdWords Management

We provide PPC Management services to Australian Businesses. Our company prides itself in innovation, excellence and understanding of its select group of customers. If you are looking for the very best in Google AdWords Advertising contact our team! We also offer programming and AdWords API services to agencies. Our solutions make managing multiple accounts extremely easy with run-rate notices, billing and account warnings.

Click Click Media’s AdWords Apps

All Click Click Media clients get full use of our custom applications. They are designed specifically for AdWords and identify problem areas in your account or thousands of accounts with instant reactive notifications. Get in touch if you’re interested in hearing more.

Thanks for reading this announcement, please leave your comments and feedback below, if you have found this article useful don’t forget to share!


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