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Make Bulk Campaign Changes Using the New AdWords Editable Reports

If you’re looking for ways to save time managing your AdWords marketing campaign, then it seems Google had you in mind with their latest update!

“Editable reports”, the latest feature added to AdWords, is a bulk edit feature which allows downloaded reports to be edited within Excel and then re-uploaded into the AdWords system. This removes the need to spend tiring hours in your account making changes to individual keywords ‘row by row’.

So how do I use this new feature?

Google have made the new editable report feature very user friendly. The steps below outline what is needed to firstly run an editable report, and then make the necessary changes before re-uploading your edits:

1) Log in to your account and go to the “Keyword” tab.


2) Select your desired date range, and then click the ‘download report’ button. When the download box appears, you should see an additional tick box labelled “editable?” – Tick the box next to it.


3) Once you’ve downloaded the report, the distinctive difference you’ll notice between this excel spreadsheet and a regular report is a blank column labelled “Action”.  This is the field you’ll be using to tell AdWords exactly what changes you’re trying to make for each keyword row:


Once you’ve gotten this far, the next steps you take will depend on exactly what kind of changes you wish to make to your AdWords account. There are three commands that you can enter into your ‘Action’ column – ‘Add’, ‘Set’ or ‘Remove’.

Using the ‘Add’, ‘Set’ and ‘Remove’ commands to make bulk changes to your account

Add command – This command is used when you wish to include a new keyword in one of your existing AdGroups. To include a new keyword, all you need to do is add a new row to your report, making sure to use the ‘Add’ command in your Action column. The mandatory fields you need to include in this row are the “keyword” and “AdGroup ID” columns and all of the rest are optional.

Set command – The set command is what you’d use to change things like your max. CPC bid, landing page URLs or even your keyword status. Making most of these changes should be fairly straight forward – simply include the “Set” command in your action column or all relevant keyword rows and then edit the relevant column whether it be changing your max. CPC bid, changing the keyword status from ‘active’ to ‘paused’ etc. etc. In the case where you wish to remove a specific landing page for a keyword, you’ll need to add delete_value into the destination URL column along with your set command.

Remove command – This is probably the most obvious one. You’d use the remove command whenever you want to delete a keyword from one of your AdGroups. To this simply enter the “Remove” command into the Action field for any keyword that you want remove from your account.

Uploading your edited report

Once you’ve made all the appropriate changes to your editable report within the excel file, it’s time to upload your new changes into the AdWords system. Once all of the changes have been made to your file, save it somewhere onto your computer and then follow the below steps:

1) Once your report is saved onto your computer, log into your AdWords account and access the “Reports and uploads” page located on the left hand side navigation menu:


2) On the “Reports and uploads” page you’ll notice an “Uploads” tab. Click this tab and then click the “Browse for file” button to select the file you’d saved your report in. Once you’ve selected the correct file, click the blue upload button:


3) Now that you’ve uploaded the file, you should be given a status update on the upload page to show you exactly what changes were made. Be sure to review this to ensure that there were no problems and then you’re done!

This new feature would be welcomed by anyone managing moderate to large size AdWords accounts, and I for one am glad to see that Google are still trying to help save the time of those working with their advertising platform. Let’s hope there’s much more to come!

Post by Jeremy Decker.

Posted on April 15, 2013 by


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