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Google AdWords Management

Winning with Google AdWords comes through knowledge and experience.

Click Click Media is one of the most innovative Google AdWords advertising management companies globally. Our data driven strategies have been proven to maximise Google AdWords results and our systems for success have been developed over many years from tireless ongoing research and development. We have been directly managing complex and competitive Adwords campaigns since 2005. We know what works and how to offer the most effective campaigns that match any goal. All of our work is completed by members of our in-house team so that you can pick up the phone and contact the person who is working on your account at any time.

We are happy to provide a detailed proposal or a tender for your company. Visit our contact page or call 02 9654 3323 to start today!

google adwords experts massive conversion volume increase maintaining cpa with google adwords management services

Here’s how we do it.

We have proven time and time again that there are no other AdWords Management agencies in Australia that offer anything similar to the level of professionalism and results we deliver. We are unique in this industry. We are confident in our abilities and will be held accountable for our performance. Call us today 02 9654 3323 to get a free keyword quote and competitor analysis or enquire using our online form here.

AdWords Campaign Management

Click Click Media offer a large range of campaign management services. From one-time campaign boosters to continued management to ensure your campaign is at its peak performance.

The flexibility we offer with managed campaigns saves you time and effort. For example, if you want to add a product or service to your account send a quick email to Click Click Media we’ll update the account for you.

To ensure effective Adwords campaigns we focus on:

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We shine in ultra-competitive industries by using competition-buster Adwords Management strategies. Call us on 02 9654 3323 to get a free plan for your AdWords account, or contact us online using our enquiry form.

AdWords Management for Local Businesses

We provide the most effective small business Adwords Management solutions and understand just how best to compete with limited budgets. We offer targeted campaigns that will get you results no matter how competitive the industry. Start getting leads and phone calls from your website today!

Large and Complex AdWords Campaigns

Click Click Media has a lot of experience in effective AdWords Management especially in ultra-competitive industries and work every day with mission critical campaigns. We are conversion focused and can offer the latest techniques in improving and managing your campaign. We are pro-active in dealing with our clients. This ensures you know how your campaign is doing and what strategies and improvements are in place.

E-Commerce AdWords Management

We love working with online businesses and use tried and tested methods that will ensure you stay ahead of your competition. With Click Click Media’s product focused AdWords Management strategies we can be sure you are capturing qualified searches that will increase conversions. We also offer Google Merchant setup and extensions to display your product photo and price directly under the Ad.

Self-Managed AdWords Campaigns

If you’re currently managing your own AdWords campaign we can help. Click Click Media can offer on demand monitoring solutions allowing you direct access to our online help-desk. This enables you to ask questions and advice at your own pace when working on optimising your campaign.

Need further assurances?

We can provide you with references, case studies and business owner’s telephone numbers. Our customers are more than happy to tell you about their experiences with us. Start using Click Click Media for your Google Adwords Experts and you will be just as happy to spread the word. Call us today! 02 9654 3323.

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I came across Click Click Media when working and consulting with establishing Crown Equipment’s digital marketing foundation, and found Click Click Media is very switched on and by far the best value when compared to some of the large brand agencies.

Click Click Media managed Crown’s paid search campaigns, and within 3 months they improved Google Adwords PPC campaign performance across the board. They more than doubled leads generated, increased revenue, and reduced both cost-per-click and cost-per-enquiry.

With my professional background in marketing and analytics, particularly in the digital space – I can honestly say I’m impressed with these guys. They are savvy, quickly ‘gets’ the business requirement, and very knowledgeable when it comes to campaign and conversion optimisation.

They are very hands on and responsive, always helpful to provide constructive recommendations, and the biggest value Click Click Media provides is that they genuinely wants the business to do well and can think ROI at a strategic level. They’re not simply just pushing for sales and think in terms of business goal alignments and benefits.

Without a doubt Click Click Media delivered exceptional service in digital campaign management – I can highly recommend Click Click Media and will definitely consider them for future digital marketing with other businesses.”

Michael Lu
Digital Marketing and Analytics Manager